what is hardware ,services and infrastructure

CLU: 21 Jun, 2023


The IT Professional course covers Hardware, Software, Troubleshooting, Servers, Security, Open Source Operating Systems, Networking, Virtualization, Servers, Azure (Cloud) and Best Service Practices for IT Managers (ITIL).


hardware infrastructure means all hardware equipment, materials, products and facilities that may be necessary at any time to operate the Software Infrastructure to the Web Services.

IT Infrastructure :Imagine a future where IT infrastructures monitor themselves, are able to predict and respond to future business needs and can protect and heal themselves automatically. Solutions Time is waiting with all those technologies for you but your competitors are not.

From cable pulling to enterprise level server configuration and hardware / software installation, you don’t have to worry about at all. We will plan and implement for you the best possible solution that suits your budget and business needs at the same time.

  • Extensive knowledge and experience. We have skilled infrastructure professionals all around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • We are committed to delivering service-oriented solutions that generate measurable business results.
  • We can recommend and deploy diverse sourcing models to scale the infrastructure as needed.

Branch Connectivity : As companies expand their reach across the globe through the addition of new branch offices, efficient setup of a reliable network infrastructure to connect these locations and ensure workplace productivity becomes vital. Whether you need more bandwidth, affordable backup Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity in a location, or the deployment of a higher availability, dedicated connection to remote sites, Solutions Time’s Branch Office Connectivity solutions provide quick and secure access.

Our Branch Office Connectivity solutions are available as either dedicated Time-division Multiplexing (TDM) or Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) that enable the connection of multiple business sites in a single and managed network.

IT Infrastructure Examples

Your company’s infrastructure is all of the elements that go into your network. There are essentially 3 pieces to IT infrastructures: infrastructure hardware, software and networking. There is some overlap for these infrastructure components, but his table shows a quick snapshot of typical examples for each. Keep reading to get an in depth look at what makes up your IT infrastructure hardware.


  • Servers
  • Data Centers
  • Personal Computers
  • Devices
  • Routers
  • Switches


  • Software Apps
  • Operating Systems
  • Virtual Machines

Infrastructure Hardware

Hardware is just one IT infrastructure example and consists of any IT component you can touch. Therefore, while your software and networking are part of your infrastructure, they are not part of your infrastructure hardware because they are not physical components. Hardware includes but is not limited to the items listed below:

  • Servers
  • Mobile devices
  • Hard drive
  • Network cables
  • Printer
  • Storage devices
  • Laptops

What Infrastructure Hardware Does

Hardware IT infrastructure does a number of things, including allowing you to connect to your network and have access to the outside world. It also stores your data, and allows you to recover and use your data. Any infrastructure that involves more than one computer or person should also provide a means by which to communicate with the people or devices involved in the network.

The responsibility for the maintenance of the IT infrastructure falls to the owner. For example, you might own your own server, but you might not own the router that allows your network to access the outside world and others in the network. That may belong to your ISP and be their responsibility.


what is hardware ,services and infrastructure