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Microsoft SharePoint Training and Certification Courses

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that allows businesses to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications in order to empower teamwork. Employees are able to quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate across their organization. We are a Microsoft Gold partner to deliver all Microsoft SharePoint certification training for both individuals and enterprise teams worldwide.

Microsoft SharePoint certificate holders are able to maximize many features of SharePoint in order to provide enhanced data management, amplify productivity and optimize content delivery. SharePoint certification holders are highly sought after and are able to find placement within top-tier companies, including those listed within the Fortune 500 list. It is strongly recommended for IT professionals at any capacity to explore the Microsoft SharePoint training options available to them to expand their career scope.

Popular Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses

SharePoint Online for Administrators Training course

This intermediate-level course is offered over three days. The course is offered in English and is designed to introduce students to SharePoint Online Administration in Office 365. The course explains and demonstrates the configuration options available for SharePoint Online.

The course is best suited for on-premise SharePoint administrators and new administrators to Office 365 who would like a stronger understanding of how to best and correctly set up SharePoint Online for their organization. The course also offers on-premise administrators a clear distinction between SharePoint On-premise and SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Online Power User (Cloud Version) Training Course

The four-day course offered at an intermediate level covers a complete site owner history from start to finish while engaging students in a practical manner to ensure they have the confidence to plan and create new sites or manage existing websites within SharePoint Online.

The objective of the course is to ensure students are able to make SharePoint online relevant to their teams by using a site’s functionality to help share information and collaborate with colleagues. The course also offers the best practices and a walk-through of what not to do through interactive demonstrations that teach. Additionally, students can put the theory into practice with the hands-on exercises offered across the course.

Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016 Training Course

This instructor-led course is conducted over five days for professionals sitting at a more advanced level. The course is intended for more experienced IT professionals looking for the best methods to install, configure, deploy and manage SharePoint 2016 installations either on-premise within data centers or within the cloud.

The course covers the guidelines, best practices, and considerations to help optimize SharePoint deployment. The training course is the first of two courses for IT professionals aligned with achieving the SharePoint 2016 IT Pro certification.

Who can take up Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses?

Job roles that can benefit from Microsoft SharePoint courses include:

  • Software Developers
  • Cloud Developers
  • IT Service Management Professionals
  • System Installers
  • Solution Designers
  • Power Users
  • Site Administrators
  • Collection Administrators
  • SharePoint Administrators
  • Professionals looking to gain a proper understanding of Microsoft SharePoint tools
  • Professionals who are looking to take up relevant Microsoft SharePoint certification exams