Start your career in IT at Kingswood IT International a process which will provide you with the foundations needed to climb the career ladder and specialise in a certain discipline, be it networking, Cyber Security, or Software development. Our online IT courses are well structured to provide a learner with the necessary Support required for you to progress in any of your preferred courses of choice. Each registered learner is allocated a supervisor who is tasked and mandated with the task of helping the learner throughout his/her career.  

Courses are accessible on a Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Courses are designed in video with audio, printable, includes One-on-One Mentoring, Free Virtual-LABS with feedback and exam preps. Learners are assessed after each lecture, all assessments can be retaken at no additional cost. Receive a .pdf and original Certificate within 1 week which can be added to your CV. International exams are optional and can be written at any time. 

Our student online system is user friendly and so interactive in a way that all our learners will participate in each session as they are physically in a classroom with the instructor. All our learners will be helped with the preparation of the international exams.

Software Development (Programming)


  • Grade 10 certificate; or National Certificate (Vocational)L2 or equivalent qualification, Computer Literacy recommended
  • Math Literacy / Mathematics/ Technical Maths
  • Application form & diagnostics assessment at the campus


Learners are assessed continuously throughout their learning experience at Kingswood IT International. Learners may participate in as many non-formal formative assessments in order to prepare international exams. International summative exams sittings attract an additional fee


  • CompTIA
  • Microsoft Imagine Academy
  • MICT Seta

All Modules are compulsory and must be passed

Registered learners are required to log in to our online system in times prescribed by their timetables for all their rollouts that are monitored by our centralised online system. All learner assessments are urgently marked and sent back to the learner as soon as possible.

Course Includes:

  • Study Manuals
  • Study Guides
  • Student Card
  • Welcome Pack
  • Toolkit (included with Technical Courses)
  • Courier costs
  • Discounted International exam vouchers
  • Support
  • IT Academy Course Mastery Certificate

Your Quick Course Guide

Course Units

Exam Code

  • Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services:
  • Software Development Fundamentals:
  • Developing Mobile Apps
  • Developing Azure and Web Services
  • Introduction to Programming Using Python:
  • ISTQB Software Testing
  • HTML5Programming in C#
  • Microsoft Azure Developer Associate
  • Introduction to Programming Using Java:
  • Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions:
  • Microsoft 365 Fundamentals:

Exam MS-600

Exam 98-361
Exam 70-357
Exam 70-487
Exam 98-381
Exam 70-483
Exam 98-388
Exam AZ-400
Exam MS-900

Course Outcomes

  • Explain how Azure Firewall enables you to control what traffic is allowed on the network.
  • Configure network security groups to filter network traffic to and from Azure resources within a Microsoft Azure virtual network.
  • Explain how Azure DDoS Protection helps protect your Azure resources from DDoS attacks.


Career opportunities

  • Software Testers
  • Software engineers
  • Software developers
  • Azure IoT Developer

    Top Skills in demand by Companies in South Africa Software Development, Security, Data Analyst & Networking