IT Project Management

CLU: 12 Apr, 2023


The IT Professional course covers Hardware, Software, Troubleshooting, Servers, Security, Open Source Operating Systems, Networking, Virtualization, Servers, Azure (Cloud) and Best Service Practices for IT Managers (ITIL).

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In IT Project Management we will provide students with an industry focused vocational skill set that focuses on the set of tools and techniques used for the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closing of projects, which are applicable across a range of various problem domains. The qualification will enhance work readiness and provide entry into the field. A Project Manager applies knowledge of project management to achieve project objectives in a specific field of application. You can enroll yourself with us here


Students are introduced to various IT systems, development methodologies, approaches and best practices within the IT services space. Students will familiarize themselves with key-concepts such as UX and UI design, monitoring and maintenance tools, modelling and systems analysis and systems design. At the end of the program students will have acquired the necessary skills to successfully conduct quality assurance and process improvement in the IT service management industry.

The Benefits and features Of IT Project Management

1. Standardization and Synthesis

ITSM will help you in standardizing IT procedures in your organization. The streamlining of IT services also becomes easier. The use of ITSM tools will help employees do their tasks better. It also improves the synchronization between different departments in the company. This is one of the key benefits of IT service management.

2. Improved ROI or Return of Investments

Using ITSM helps increase your business’ ROI. IT services become streamlined and this convenience leads to an increase in productivity.
An increase in production means more revenue. This is one of the major benefits of ITSM.

3. Better performance

There is always room for improvement and this applies in a business setting as well. Employees will perform better given the right set of tools. Using ITSM tools will help employees find the information they need faster. Employees can sort out reports without any problem.

Using ITSM tools lessens the error and improves work accuracy. Employees can focus on their work instead of worrying about the various workflows.

4. Visualizing workflows is easier

Instead of putting every thought on paper, it is wise to use ITSM. You can better visualize the bottlenecks in the workflow processes in the company.

Using ITSM is also helpful in troubleshooting. You get a bigger picture of the computing problem. ITSM software can do cost-effective analyses as well. This is one of the benefits of ITSM that offer convenience.

5. Saves you money

Using ITSM tools saves you money and time in the long run. Using these tools, employees are eager for more work. They can do work faster than before. There is an increase in productivity. Employees can finish tasks before the deadline. For more information on other courses you can go on a website which will hep you to understand more about the course.

Saving time and money is always a possibility. You can use the money for important things like advertising and marketing

Learners need a computer, Laptop or Tablet and internet connection. Courses are designed in video with audio and coupled with unlimited advanced mentoring. Courses are printable and downloadable. Estimated duration of the IT Engineer course is 180 hours, therefore should you study 1 hour per day you could complete the course in 6 months.



IT Project Management